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UniFi Gateway Consoles Designs

Dream Wall

Replace  the IT closet with one sleek device

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Dream Machine

Secure, enterprise-grade rack-mounted

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Dream Router

Compact plug and play solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable power redundancy on my UniFi Gateway Consoles?2023-08-09T08:33:55+05:30

Our UniFi Power Backup and Power Backup Pro is compatible with our Dream Machines (Pro and Special Edition) and switches as a cost efficient way to provide true dual-circuit redundancy to an entire rack mount at once.

The Dream Wall has an integrated secondary power supply which can also be optionally installed for backup power in the event that one dies.

Can I block certain websites or configure how certain application traffic flows through my network?2023-08-09T08:33:20+05:30

Absolutely. UniFi’s Traffic Rules and Routes take a next-generation approach to traditional firewall rules and policy-based routing (PBR). They allow you to not only block and allow traffic, but also to set speed limits and flexibly route traffic through your various internet and VPN connections. They are incredibly intuitive and can be configured for specific devices, applications (such as Social Media), IP addresses, domain names, or geographical regions.

What kind of VPNs can I set up with my UniFi Gateway Console?2023-08-09T08:32:53+05:30

We have comprehensive VPN protocol support including OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec, and L2TP. We enable the creation of VPN servers, Site-to-Site VPNs, as well as VPN Client integration from third-party providers. We also feature Teleport, our own one-click remote access solution.

Can I migrate from my current UniFi Console to a new model?2023-08-09T08:32:23+05:30

Yes, just like migrating from legacy self-hosted UniFi Network Servers, you can move each individual application from your old console to the new.

Can I migrate my current PC-based UniFi Network to a UniFi Console?2023-08-09T08:31:51+05:30

Yes, you can easily migrate your current UniFi Network to a UniFi Console. We encourage customers with legacy self-hosted UniFi Network Servers to migrate to UniFi Consoles for easier management and a truly UniFied experience.

See Backups and Migration for more details.

What UniFi applications natively run on a UniFi Console?2023-08-09T08:31:08+05:30
  • UniFi Network: An incredible platform packing together powerful internet gateways with scalable WiFi & switching into an integrated management platform. Get insights into your network like never before with real-time traffic dashboards, visual topology maps, and even smart tips suggesting opportunities you can optimize.
  • UniFi Protect: A constantly evolving, AI-driven camera platform capable of recording high-quality video for local storage. Sorting through footage has never been easier thanks to our smart detection capabilities. It brings versatile control over recording schedules, camera access, and even how notifications are sent to administrators.
  • UniFi Talk: A new approach to business telephony. UniFi Talk is a plug-and-play phone system and VoIP subscription service designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Powerful call routing and admin features ensure you never miss another call. Our thoughtfully designed, touchscreen phones offer breakthrough user experiences and bring smartphone-level usability to desk phones.
  • UniFi Access: A state-of-the-art access control system with modern touch-screen access readers, live video, and mobile app credential support. Easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies like never before.
  • UniFi Connect: A modern Enterprise of Things platform that consists of digital signage, lighting, and electric vehicle charging stations. Leverage UniFi Connect’s simply scalable management capabilities to manage everything from a single Connect Display running an interactive point of sale application to an entire building’s worth of lighting and dynamic content.
  • UniFi Identity: A simple but revolutionary identity platform for organizations. Grant one-click employee access to office doors, WiFi, and VPN. Give SSO access to all your SaaS applications with sign-on rules set by a powerful identity firewall. Set up workflows for approvals to common employee requests. UniFi Identity can do it all and takes just minutes to set up.
Do I need any licenses to use my UniFi Console?2023-08-09T08:30:41+05:30

Absolutely not. We disagree with the current IT industry trend of charging steep licensing fees for cloud platforms. As such, UniFi offers the best of both worlds: a completely free remote management experience with the added performance benefit of an on-premises solution.

What is UniFi OS and what are the benefits of using it?2023-08-09T08:29:13+05:30

UniFi OS is a powerful and intuitive operating system enabling an end-to-end management experience for all of your IT needs. When paired with our specially designed hardware you will have unparalleled control over your network and WiFi, security cameras, VoIP phones, door access, smart enterprise lighting, digital signage, and much much more!

The benefits include:

  • Manage UniFi from anywhere in the world using our UniFi Web Portal at, or our UniFi Mobile Apps (iOS/Android).
  • Secure multi-factor authentication, including our seamless single-touch solution with UI Verify (iOS/Android).
  • Automatically schedule backups and updates.
  • Configure email and mobile push notifications for important system activity.
  • Advanced system logs for a comprehensive record of important events including updates, backups, admin access, and configuration changes.