UniFi Enterprise System and Advanced Network Technologies

The UniFi Enterprise System is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich solution for creating highly scalable, end-to-end systems of network devices. Using a single, intuitive interface, the UniFi Controller conducts device discovery, provisioning, and management of UniFi devices spanning multiple locations.

Advanced Network Technologies (PVT) Limited is a Srilankan company based in the Southern of Srilanka that provides both products and consultancy services in several areas of information and communications technology (ICT) & Electronic Security Solutions (ESS). We continue our solution with using industry leading UniFi hardware & software from many years.

Access Point Design


Ceiling mounted for highest performance

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In – Wall

Wall mounted for seamless installation

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Operational across all weather conditions

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Mega Capacity

Serve Thousands of Clients

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Building Bridge

Connect building like a wire

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Switch Design 


Multi-gig Layer 3 switching VNBMNM

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Rock-solid, scalable Layer 3 switching

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High-capacity and silent cooling NNMJK

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Flex Mini

Flexible edge switches GHJKLMNB

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Gateway Consoles Design

Dream Wall

Replace  the IT closet with one sleek device

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Dream Machine

Secure, enterprise-grade rack-mounted

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Dream Router

Compact plug and play solution

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